mary poppins sc

Mary Poppins (1964)


This classic never gets old. With the many different catchy songs in the movie, you are going to love every moment of the movie. This is a classic, so it is a little dated for the children. However, they will still love the fact that animation and cinema come together, similar to Who Framed Roger Rabbit.



Disney makes really good movies for the most part for children which nowadays have a lot of adult humor. This is great because the parents can enjoy the movies too. They have always done this in all the movies because they know that it is the parents who are going to be bringing the children to the movie to begin with.

monsters inc sc

Monsters Inc.


This Disney movie is among our favorites because of the funny cast and the funny script. There were so many times where we had to pause this so that we could laugh and not miss part of the movie. The jokes are amazing and it is packed with humor that adults will like too. The movie is really good and the children are going to love every moment of it.

the lion king sc

The Lion King


When we first saw this movie, we fell in love with it. The cast was chosen perfectly and the animation is simply flawless. Everyone who is a fan of Disney has seen this movie, some even in many languages as well. The story of it all is a teaching tool of sorts as anyone who watches will learn all about how things are viewed from different parts of view.




What can be said that has not already been said. Most everyone has seen this movie and it is still one of the best movies we have ever seen. There are many things in this movie that have made people laugh. If you ask anyone who their favorite character is, they will most likely say, Olaf.