No Scamming Ads

 In the first month of its opening, has went from 0 visitors to 60 visitors a day!  This is a great thing and it is continuing to grow. Getting in on the ground floor is going to allow you to have a chance to get some of the viewers to your business!

 Fast Growing Site!

Have a buisness you would like to advertise? With only a one time a month fee, you can advertise on one of the fastest growing sites in  the movie market. Whether you have a blog, website or business, you can bring our visitors to you with a 468×90 advertisment with a link to your choosing!

Why should you advertise with us? Here at, we DO NOT scam people. This means that any advertisment that you do submit, needs to be honest and not  be something that would harm our visitors in any way. If your ad isn’t a scam, feel free to contact us and put your ad on our site.

Our Fees:

Ad Space 250×250……………………………..$50/Month (placed in the sidebar of every page)

Ad Space 428×90………………………………$70/Month (placed in the body of every post)

It is going to be only the best for you if you decide to advertise on our website. With a reliable staff and honest business dealings, you are going to get the best for your money.



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